Reading Challenges 2020!


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Hello everyone! : ’) By 2020 I come with great eagerness to read! Now I have a laptod, so I have no excuse for not being in this blogging world!

Let’s start with the literary challenges I have in mind for 2020:

The first challenge I have decided to join is the well-known “2020 Popsugar Reading Challenge”.


This challenge is created to have fun! And I loved that. What better than learning and having fun at the same time? The official page of Popsugar has all the instructions, along with links to groups in Goodreads to share our readings. They also have very cute images with all the categories that the challenge includes. It’s simply awesome!




The second challenge I’m going to join is called “Reading Women Challenge,” and this is a super interesting one. We have to read books written by women or about women! The focus of the challenge is to discover important women known through history or writers. Here the official page.


11lu3j44libros-influyentes.jpgWho does not know his history, does not know himself.

The third challenge is one that I invented for this new year. I have set a goal to learn more about history and I think we should all do the same. It’s important to know where we come from. I have always thought that every day we make history and that by studying the past we help shape the present more consciously. For that reason, I challenge you to read at least 5 books from your country. I hope you’re motivated and share your findings with me, I bet we will find very interesting details! For my part, these are the books I want to read (everyone can get them in Libros 787):

  1. History of Puerto Rico: A Panorama of its People – Fernando Picó
  2. Puerto Rico: Cinco siglos de Historia – Francisco Scarano
  3. Historia de Puerto Rico – Luis E. Gonzalez Vale y María Dolores Luque
  4. Historia General de Puerto Rico – Fernando Pico
  5. Génesis y Praxis de la Carta Autonómica 1897 en Puerto Rico – Eda Milagros Burgos Malave
  6. La Isla de Puerto Rico se la lleva el holandés – Carmen Rabell
  7. El grito de Lares: sus causas y sus hombres – Olga Jiménez de Wagenheim
  8. Historia de las elecciones y los partidos políticos de Puerto Rico – Fernando Bayrón Toro
  9. De aquí y de allá: Antología de escritos en el tiempo y el espacio (1980-2016) – Sebastián Robiou Lamarche
  10. Esclavos, Prófugos y Cimarrones: Puerto Rico, 1770-1870
  11. Promesa Rota. Una Mirada Institucionalista a Partir De Tugwell – Francisco A Catalá Oliveras
  12. Corrupción e Impunidad en Puerto Rico – Antonio Quiñones Calderón
  13. Crónicas del colapso: economía, política y sociedad de Puerto Rico en el siglo veintiuno – Emilio Pantojas García
  14. The Politics of English in Puerto Rico’s Public Schools – Jorge R. Schmidt
  15. Nación Postmortem – Carlos Pabón
  16. La farsa del Estado Libre Asociado – Vicente Géigel Polanco

Thank you for joining me on these literary paths and happy holidays to all!


*Do not hesitate to tell me your literary adventures or ask any questions!*








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